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By day, (and sometimes nights and weekends) I’m the Sr. Graphic Designer for CorEvitas, LLC.

In my spare time, I also enjoy photography, painting, paper quilling, quilting, sand art, doodling, folding gum wrappers into weird shapes without thinking about it, and writing “wash me” in calligraphic fonts on car windows.


I blogged my entire clinical trail for the first-ever pill form of treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (Fingolimod). I was discovered by a pharma exec and was invited to be interviewed on stage at a large industry conference. Who knew that my blog would become recognized as the first-ever clinical trial participant blog and I would be dubbed “the godmother of clinical trial bloggers” by certain pharma industry thought leaders?

Besides covering the MS news in a weekly article for from 2011-2014, I also like to write about my personal adventures and reflections.


I became a patient speaker on behalf of Novartis after my clinical trial ended. I traveled the country, sharing my patient experience with others living with MS.

Once I realized I loved public speaking and longing to get the word out about how research changed my life, I began speaking at pharma industry events to share my patient perspective.